Veltkamp is manufacturer of the CPP60 corner protector

Developed in collaboration with the leading paper mills

for a safe and damage free vertical transport of rolls of paper

Certified by DNVGL and Dekra

Veltkamp is the preferred supplier of the leading paper mills

Product Paper Roll Protector®
Type CPP60
Article Number 6.045770
Specific Application Especially for the vertical transport of paper coils
Prevents damage to the edges of the paper coils, even when tensioning the ratchets tie down too tight (more than 50 kgf)
Approved by the leading paper mills
K-factor 1.9
Certificate DNVGL 4572-2017-NLD-DNV-30
Certificate Dekra 313/40793/703550/1820141635
For a lashing width up to 2.36 inches / 60 mm
Width corner piece 5.51 inches / 140 mm
Length side panels 6.89 / 2.36 inches / 175 mm / 60 mm
Quantity per box 72 pcs
Boxes per pallet 25 boxes
Quantity per pallet 1800 pcs
More environmentally friendly packaging 736 pieces in a cardboard pallet box = article number 6.045770P
Material Recycled Polypropylene Copo
Weigth per box 0.57 pounds / 0.26 kg
Weight pallet, incl. pallet 1080 pounds / 490 kg






Injection molding of the CPP60S